Exterior/Walls Facades

Protect your building’s facade for a long time against the devastating effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, mold, algae deposition, soot, and soot stains. The highly oxidative surface of the FN® coating is very effective, and prevents the growth of microorganisms.

Statues Monuments Historic buildings

FN® coating effectively protects stone, concrete statues, wood statues, monuments, and historic buildings against soot, degradation, mold, algae, mosses, and lichen.

Self Cleaning Antigraffiti

FN® Nano is certified for use on concrete, masonry and mineral substrates. It can help protect statues, monuments and exterior facades from cracking, darkening and aging. Graffiti is easily removed with high-pressure water hose, without any damage to the underlying substrate.

Cool Roof

When applied to roofs, FN® Coatings create a thin layer that reflects sunlight, blocks out harmful UV radiation and reduces heat transference. Protect your roof, cool your building and lower your energy bills.

A Healthier Home

Provide clean and healthy air in your home.No smells, no viruses, no bacteria, no molds, and no toxins – without the use of chemical deodorants.

Public Buildings Offices

Stop sick building syndrome. High quality indoor air environment enhances productivity, decreases absenteeism, increases a building’s value, and reduces liability.

Schools, Universities Libraries

Bad indoor air quality can be improved through simple, inexpensive measures. FN® coating provides a cost-effective solution for creating a healthy environment for students.

Medical Facilities

Allow for a higher standard of protection for patients and healthcare personnel from the spread of infections and the emergence of resistant strains of bacteria.

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